10 Ways to Make Physical Education Fun for K12 Students

With long hours of class work and assignments, the kids deserve a little fun when out in the playground or gymnasium halls. If they preserve the physical education classes as mentally straining as other classes, they will switch off, and they will not enjoy.

Ways to Make Physical Education Fun

It is unlikely for the children to fully enjoy if they realize their instructor is not enjoying. There are many approaches that physical education teachers can incorporate to ensure that the K12 students are having fun. Some of these measures include the following;

1. Don’t make the lessons about winning

Focus on what the students find interesting. This should be done by the PE teacher and the school administration. Do not force the kids to play games because they will look good on their college application letters. Let them do something fun, no competitions.

Come up with games that involve all students even the physically challenged. If you make the lessons about winning, the less talented children will not enjoy, and this will affect the whole group especially if it is a team activity.

2. Set up activities that promote success

If you set up a set of exercises that students find very difficult, they will feel like you are setting them up for failure. Nobody loves to fail, and they will not enjoy the PE lesson. Instead, set up a series of simple exercises that a student can complete and an advance to a more complicated level, as they advance, they will enjoy their own success and he lesson at large.

3. Incorporate technology when assessing

Instead of the traditional assessment of who is exercising utilize technology to evaluate Do not force the kids to compete so that you know who is active, let them continue being active in their own fun activities and use devices like the heart monitor to see whether or not the children are benefiting.

The students would want to feel cool, and there is nothing that does that well than technology. Today’s child is fixated on phones, iPad, and computers of all kinds. Adopt the use of technology, and the kids will definitely enjoy.

4. Come up with series of activities that the students can do

Doing one activity for a long time will make the children bored within no time. The concentration span for kids is short and the more they repeat something, the more it becomes monotonous. Come up with fun activities that last a few minutes.

Then divide your class into smaller groups so that every child in the group can be active. After playing one game for some minute, they rotate and play the next game. While at it, emphasize more on fun, unlike exercise. Emphasizing more on exercise may make the students feel pressured. To them, they will be doing the activities because they are obligated. Focus on fun.

5. Focus on lifelong sports or activities

Athletic games like football and rugby are considered competitive and are a profession. Children who are not interested in sports as their future jobs will not enjoy if you make them play the same games every time. Focus on sports like golf, tennis or even yoga. Children will have fun as they play because they now even as they get old, they will still play without being pressured by a professional coach.

6. Make sure that the school has all the equipment

For students, level of enthusiasm goes down especially when they learn that they cannot play the game they wanted because the school doesn’t have the right gear. Try to equip your school gym and have all the necessary sound devices for a dance class or aerobics.

It will not be fun to force the students to do something else. But once you allow them to enjoy an activity of their choice, they will be charged even for the next activity which may not be one of their favorites.

7. Provide weight and resistance training

Many middle schools and high schools are replacing the traditional PE activities with weight training. This will with no doubt interest most high school students when incorporated into the PE curriculum. Just like other team building activities, weight and resistance training is not taken as a competitive sport but rather as an activity that the students will benefit from even when they are out of school.

Such an exercise will keep the student engaged even when they go home if they have access to the facility. When you show your students to have fun when doing whatever physical activity, they will want to continue with the fun when they get home too.

8. Ensure that the PE teachers are in good shape too

Instead of the kids having fun, they will be making fun of the teacher if he or she is trying to emphasize the importance of keeping healthy yet they are not. Lead your flock by example. If you are their instructor, ensure that you instruct them well and that you are in a good physical position to do it. Let the students know that you love the exercise you do and it is as a result of such activities that you are in good shape and health.

9. Schools should provide professional development to PE teachers

Nothing is fun and enjoyable if the instructor is not sure of what he or she is doing. Schools should send their teachers to training and seminars so that they can bring in new methods and more exciting methods of conducting a PE lesson.

While lack of knowledge is boring, using outdated methods can also be incredibly annoying especially to K12 students who are millennials who are entitled to everything that is new and trending. Let your teachers learn and allow them to incorporate the new techniques into their lessons.

10. Take the students on a trip

This may sound very unconventional but it works. A change of environment will get your students all happy, energetic and excited. Let them go to the beach and play basketball, football or even running from there. Let them see that what is taught in school is applicable in real life.

If a trip is expensive or out of reach for some reason, they bring in some exciting videos and use speakers to ensure that all students can hear and see. Taking the kids out makes them evidence for themselves the difference between people who exercise and those who don’t. T

hey will enjoy the activities after seeing the benefits of remaining physically active.

Final Say

students play in physed class

The purpose of physical education classes is to provide an all rounded fitness to the students. Let them learn the importance of physical exercises but appreciate them by taking them as fun activities rather than mandatory part of the curriculum.

With a fun physical education class, the student will understand the role of technology in keeping healthy and fit. They will even respect the teachers after realizing that what is taught in class is applicable out there.


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