5 Ways to Inspire Girls to Pursue STEM

Young girls these days have more opportunities than ever before. It’s truly an exhilarating thing. They no longer have the limitations of the past. Girls can go after more careers than they ever could before.

They can go after their dreams without as many hesitations and setbacks. It doesn’t matter if a girl wants to go after a career as a rocket scientist. It doesn’t matter if she wants to go after a career as a coach in sports. The openings are practically endless.


It can be particularly exciting to watch young girls go after educations and careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). These are fields that traditionally have been dominated by men. Young girls nowadays are becoming more and more involved in these fields.

The climate is changing. Big advancements are on the horizon. If you want to inspire a young girl in your life to enter the STEM world, these five tips can help you do so.

1. Ask Her Questions About STEM

Don’t wait for her to bring up science, technology, engineering or math on her own. Take initiative and be the one to bring it up first. Talk to her about any classes she may be taking that delve into these topics. Talk to her about the subjects that are the most fascinating to her as well.

Find out what type of science is most intriguing to her. Ask her if she likes biology, chemistry or physics. Ask her if she prefers algebra or geometry. Begin a healthy and productive dialogue about STEM.

2. Get Her Opinions on Scientists

Discuss acclaimed scientists with her. Get her feedback on them. Ask her what she considers to be science, too. Make her understand that STEM isn’t a faraway and confusing concept. It’s actually something that applies to daily existence.

STEM is a natural thing. It’s part of technology. It’s part of everything that surrounds us. If a young girl realizes that STEM is actually an accessible route, it may inspire her to develop a passion for it. STEM isn’t avoidable. It may be a good idea to stop by a industrial plant, factory or museum together. Doing so can give you the opportunity to witness STEM in action in a practical and accessible environment.

3. Ask Her Many Pertinent Questions

Show the young girl in your life that you know that she’s a smart and capable person. Ask her many questions. If you see something that has a mathematic or scientific role, get her insight. Ask about its functions.

What does she think it’s purpose or role is? How exactly does it operate? Does it operate efficiently? Could it work any better? If so, what would she do to improve it? Pay careful attention to all of her answers, too. It can even be a good idea to get in on all of the action.

If she’s having a good time thinking of solutions, do the same. Make it a team effort.

4. Show Her That It’s OK to Do a Little Dirty Work

Society sometimes makes girls and women want to steer clear of jobs that may get them a little dirty at times. Nip this attitude in the bud whenever possible. If you talk to a young girl and notice that she seems apprehensive or hesitant about doing anything that may involve a bit of mess, keep your calm and try to change her viewpoint.

Do what it takes to break her out of the fear of getting dirty. Try to show her that getting a little dirty once in a while is actually proof of commitment and dedication. Tell her that some of the greatest and most brilliant people in the world were also the ones who had no reservations about doing the dirty work.

Tell the girl that so-called “dirty work” is actually more intriguing than icky. Make sure that she understands that massive messes can actually bring on exciting and helpful innovations and advancements for the world.

5. Talk About Upcoming Plans

If you want to inspire a young girl to go into STEM, make the future a focal point. It can be a great idea to make sure that a young girl never makes the mistake of dwelling on the present. The future is what matters the most. Talk to her in significant detail about the future.

What exactly does she want to happen? How exactly does she want to proceed? Does she want to attend a nearby college or university? Does she want to travel far for college or university? What majors sound the most exciting and compelling to her?

Don’t just find out about the subjects that grab her attention. Also find out about subjects that she may find boring or dull. The more insight you have, the better.

Parting Words

inspire girls to join stem fields

Hopefully you are more inspired to tackle the sometimes difficult task of getting girls curious about and interested in STEM. One thing is for certain, it is worth the effort, as females in STEM have produced some of the most remarkable discoveries.

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