Back to School Shopping: 15 Things Your Kid Must Have

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Is your child heading back to school next month? If, so it’s time you start shopping for their school needs, for everything from backpacks to new clothes. In this article, we will be going through the top 15 things your kid needs for their new school year to better prepare them for the school year ahead. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go shopping!

1. Backpack


A good-quality, durable backpack is among the most important things that your kid should have for their new school year. However, you should make sure it has plenty of pockets for school essentials and is large enough to fit their lunch box, laptop, etc. Remember, a backpack should last two to three years, so make sure it’s one they’ll want to keep.

2. Notebooks


Notebooks are especially important for your child’s schoolwork. You can easily purchase one-rule notebooks for less than a dollar, but you should probably buy them in bulk because your kid will go through them fairly quickly. Make sure you read through your kid’s itinerary beforehand, the last thing you want to buy is a dozen notebooks, when you should have been purchasing loose leaf paper instead.

3. Pencils and Pens


Your child won’t be able to do all their work on their computer if they have one. You should purchase plenty of pens and pencils to last through your child’s first semester. After all, with the amount of writing they will be doing all day, plus homework, it’s best to have plenty to pack in their backpack for school and at home.

4. Colored Pencils


Colored pencils are important to have during the school year, especially if your child is attending an art course. However, even in their core classes such as math and science, colored pencils are just as crucial to have. One of the last things you want is to be the parent scrambling to find colored pencils for sale when your kid needs them for class.

5. Lunch Box


Unless your child plans on buying lunch at school, you should purchase a good kid’s lunch box for their packed lunches. Even though a paper bag works just as well, an insulated lunch box can keep your child’s lunch cold throughout the day. Plus, you can even find one with a small slot to slip your child notes to encourage them at school.

6. Water Bottle

water bottle

Instead of needing your kid to stop at the water fountain every hour, buying them a water bottle can help keep them hydrated during the school day. Having plenty of water on hand can help keep your kid concentrated and focused on their schoolwork. Not to mention, a water bottle will be helpful during their after school activities.

7. Day Planner


A day planner can help keep your child more organized, especially with the copious amount of homework they’ll be assigned. They can also use it to better plan out their classes and meetings with their teachers if they need additional help. However, make sure that your child is filling it out routinely, this way you can keep yourself up-to-date with their classes and they can better shape their organization skills.

8. Highlighters


For studying, highlighters can be a very useful tool. They can be used to draw attention to important passages in textbooks and other readings. Highlighters also make it easier to find the important information when your kid is going back through their notes and reading materials. Purchase a few different colors of highlighters to make studying even easier for your child.

9. Calculator


Calculators can be very helpful for your kid to have in math class. Some schools do not allow students to use calculators during class, so check before you buy one. For younger students, a regular calculator will do. For older students taking more complicated mathematics courses, a graphing calculator may be necessary. No matter what sort of math class your student is taking, a calculator may prove useful, both at school and at home.

10. Binders


With a binder, you may want to wait until the first day of school to see if your kid needs one. However, you may want to get prepared in advance and buy one anyway. For younger students, you will probably only need one binder to hold your papers, notebooks, and folders. Older students might need a binder for every subject they take.

11. New Clothes

Every kid loves going back to school clothes shopping. Be sure to get a couple new outfits for your kid. Get a few pairs of pants and a couple new tops for them. You should also purchase some warmer clothes like sweatshirts and warm socks. If your child’s school requires them to wear a uniform, pick up the proper clothes.You should also get a new jacket that is good for cold fall days and rainfall.

12. New Shoes

What new back to school outfit would be complete without a new pair of shoes? Kids often grow out of their old shoes from year to year, so this may be necessary anyway. Be sure to find a comfortable pair of shoes that your child can wear every day. Sneakers are often the best choice. If your child must wear a uniform for school, make sure their shoes meet the requirements.

13. Small Computer Desk


For your student to succeed, they will need somewhere at home to study and do their homework. If they do not already have one, think about buying a small computer desk designed for kids. This way, they can keep their work organized when at home and stay on top of their studies. Plus, they can use this to store any extra supplies that they need, too. You will also need to get a chair and a few desk accessories, like a lamp, pencil holder, and paper organizer.

14. Laptop

This will not be a necessity for all students, especially for younger students. Older students, however, will likely need a computer to complete their homework. More and more these days, schools are allowing students to bring their laptops to class with them to take notes. Consider getting them a laptop or a tablet with a keyboard. This may prove to be quite essential.

15. Tissues

Often at the beginning of the year, teachers will ask their students for a donation. Tissues are often on this list. Other donation items may include hand sanitizer, chalk, or dry erase markers. A box of tissues is one of the cheapest items on this list, making it a good option. Even if they are not on this list, it is nice to give them as a gift, anyway.

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